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Made in Sweden

Drömmar om Las Vegas/Dreams of Las Vegas

"Drömmar om Las Vegas" (Dreams of Las Vegas)is a zero budget indie feature film, made in Sweden. Now we are dreaming about distributing the film to people around the world and we are proud to say we are on a festival tour and we are happy to say we have won many awards.

We started this journey in Hindås, outside Gothenburg Sweden in 2014. Then we shot a pilot during a weekend with heavy rain and angry locals around set. The next step was to shoot the film and we started with five days of shooting im the summer of 2017.

The next summer we planned for 35 shooting days and we managed to shoot most of those days, but we had to take another turn the next year. We spent a lot of shooting days around Gothenburg area in places like Jonsered, Surte and Partille. Some of the scenes was shot behind set of a major Swedish TV serial (PA was best boy electric): The restaurant. We built some sets in unused rooms and could shoot on spare time after work.

This has been a long journeyand now are here. Our film is ready for the audience. We hope you like it and feel free to share and spread the word about it.